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Oct. 6th, 2008

ooc 2


Just a heads up.

I've removed my pups (Will, mulder1013, and shyboy86) from theatrical_muse. I'm in the process of removing them and my personal journal from all comms and shutting down all of my pups except for Will, Shy and Lilith. Being online makes me feel like shit 95% of the time and this feels like the best way to deal (or not be forced to deal) with the elements that make me feel that way. Real life awaits whether I like it or not!

On another note, I'd like to say that my pups have been bailed on by other muns before and I never gave them any grief for it. But when I did the same thing, I was shafted and felt flamed by some people for my decision. Ladies, you have a lot to do with why I'm hanging almost all of it up and I actually thank you for it. If two of the people I thought were the nicest folks online could manage to make me feel like shit, I started to wonder what the fucking point was.

I'll be cross posting this, so I apologise if I spam your flists.

Sep. 17th, 2008


Spies are us

I'm going to answer this question first as if I'm not a trained Special Agent with the FBI, and as if I've never been on any undercover operations where my life depended on my being able to keep my true identity a secret.

Disregarding all of that, would I make a good spy if I only went by the standards set by the most famous movie spy of all time? Why, yes, I would. I've got great hair, I look pretty decent in a tuxedo and I've even got a partner who can stand in as a sexy Bond, I mean, Mulder girl if I should need one. I love gadgets and would make good use of whatever my trusty gadget guru would provide. And don't even get me started on the cars. Forget all the beautiful women. Just put me behind the wheel of some sports machine built for speed. Well, maybe don't forget all the women. I'm not exactly a ladies' man, but I have been known to get lucky occasionally. Very occasionally.

Now, that one cliche for spyhood aside, yes, I have no doubt I'd be a good spy. I know how to conduct myself in covert operations, I'm handy with a gun and when you look up poker face in the dictionary, you'll see my picture. I actually do enjoy it when I get the chance to do it. Or maybe enjoy isn't the right word. I relish the challenge of being put in that situation in order to further an investigation. It's dangerous, you have to think on your feet and take tremendous risks for the sake of doing your job. I won't go into the downside of it because that's not ever anything I like to talk about. I'll just say that James Bond's adventures are fiction for a reason.

But I'd still give my eye teeth for a jetpack.

Fox Mulder
The X Files
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Let me repeat that I've been BUSY so I'm backed up on emails. But, because of this entry and not getting the chance to discuss this with the mun, I'm just going to pull Mulder completely. I kind of thought his Dogma history would still be his, but apparently it's not.

That's cool. It was fun bringing him back for a little while.

Sep. 16th, 2008

ooc 2

OOC: All righty

We're heading back south on Thursday morning. Since we still have a buttload of stuff to do before then, that means my pup'll be out of touch for longer than usual. We should be back home by Friday evening and I hope to be up and running by Saturday night or Sunday. After that I'm going to be getting ready to head back to L.A. and return to my job with the Department. Instead of working in the Captain's office at a division, I'll hopefully be getting a position with Internal Affairs in downtown L.A. or R&I at Parker Center (I might run into wolfwithaguitar ;) Even though the LAPD doesn't have interns who work in records, it would be nice if they did). All of that to say that the next month will probably be insane and I'm both dreading and looking forward to it. At the very least I'll be keeping up with prompts so the boys don't expire.

On a Mulder-centric note, I have to be honest and say that his RP threads completely slipped my mind. I know that sounds terrible, but I'm just so not in a mindset to write anything for him. I'll answer his TM prompt so I can keep him current, but I think his RP life is over. I feel bad about any threads left hanging and I want to offer my sincere apologies to his RP partners for the inconvenience and for bailing on them. I had a lot of fun while he was doing them but I kind of look at him now and see prompt guy rather than RP guy. It was great while it lasted, though. :(

That's it for now. Back to work.

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Aug. 22nd, 2008


OOC - Love meme

Name a hand full of people you RP with, read, or have heard of. Say something positive, a reason why you like their characters, or the players. Anything that is constructive, positive, and better than the general: <3!!

I'm going to list all the muses that all my pups (will_porter, shyboy86 and mulder1013) want to give shout outs to and then cross post because I'm short on time and lazy. :)

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Aug. 21st, 2008


Alice Munro quote

As children we're read fairy tales that inevitably end with the words, "And they lived happily ever after." Since we're too young to question at the time the conviction with which those words are presented, we grow up believing that in order for our lives to have any worth or meaning we only have to hold out for our very own happily ever afters. As adulthood dawns and we begin to learn just how dark and cruel the real world can be, we let go of that innocence after warring with ourselves over it meaning that we've become cynical or uncaring in a way. In fact, giving up the fairy tale is a sure sign that one has indeed achieved the status of adulthood. It isn't cynicism to understand that what might be good for young heroines and their Prince Charmings isn't good or even possible for those of us who don't inhabit a world of fantasy. Yes, we can grasp onto moments of happiness when we're fortunate enough to have them cross our paths, but that sort of joy isn't only rare, it's incredibly short lived when it does occur. There isn't anything wrong with this any more than there's something wrong with moving through one's life without the need for these sojourns into the world of Hallmark-inspired sentiment. However, it would be better if we mere mortals realized how ethereal "happy" is without trying to attach something as concrete and final as the word "ending" to it.

The simple truth is this: Life is a journey that can have only one ending. Humans being what we are, it's rarely an ending that anyone will consider to be happy, especially when we're doing our best to fight off the grim reaper as we try to cling to whatever life we have left. This alone should be enough to make us know that no matter how much older one gets, something as false and unreasonable as happy endings shouldn't grow on us. They're still juvenile ideals with no place in the minds of grown ups. That being said, as I've grown older, I have begun to find that happiness is a thing I can find when I'm least expecting it and it isn't as elusive as I once thought.

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Aug. 14th, 2008

ooc 2

OOC: pupdate

Following diagnosis_truth's advice, I've been listening to the movie and TV soundtracks from The X Files to get back in my boy's head. Can I just say that I forgot much I LOVE "If You Never Say Goodbye" from "Songs in the Key of X"? There was a time I would put that song on repeat and just drown in it. The whole album's awesome. As is the FTF soundtrack. "One More Murder" is one of the best XF songs of all time, I'm convinced. Totally makes me think of M/K the way "More Than This" makes me think of M/Sc.

ETA: OMG!! "Walking After You" is THE M/Sc song.

*happy sigh*

And I've added another Mulder to my aresenal. I've decided to go ahead and have a canon boy who's *gasp* involved with Scully. I know, I know, I'm not a shipper and my slasher buds are shocked. But, it's working for him and I'm trying to keep him happy.

So, for those keeping count, I have:
* Dogma Mulder who's involved with the incarnation of Dogma Jason that's not involved with Tess. He's from around season 3.
* Bad Mulder who's associated with Bastard Jason and is from the present day, though not following the movie canon. He's been on the run and lost contact with Scully a long time ago while trying to keep off the radar.
* Post season 9 Mulder who's on the run with Scully.
* A Mulder for a new XF RP, which I believe is season 5.
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Aug. 10th, 2008

one eye

Sad day in the Mulder household

I just heard that Isaac Hayes died. Rest in peace, my man.

Aug. 9th, 2008

ooc 2


Linked because I'm too lazy to cut and paste:


Aug. 5th, 2008

ooc 2


Still working on fixing up the house so my tagging is sporadic at best. Probably nonexistent today.

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